It has been said that real evangelization is one beggar showing another beggar where to find bread! These are just a few of the amazing individuals  who are bringing bread to a hungry world. 

Below, you can see and read about 3 of this year's recipients of the CEM POC grant. There are many more who need to be supported by our prayers and financial gifts. 

Holding Hands

CEMPOC Grantees 2021

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Pascale Kunda

Originally From: Rwanda

Serving with: Saint Paul's Outreach at the Univ of MN

Studied: Mechanical Engineering at the Univ of St. Thomas       Ministry Donor Link

About: The Father has been chasing me since day one, and his love has been morphing me into God’s image. My parents are Catholic and although they themselves did not attend mass, they always encouraged me to go. I would go and pray in our small adoration Chapel after mass but it did not really change my character or behaviors. I would consider Jesus on Sundays. In 2014, Jesus met me in my high school and radically changed my life. He helped me understand his sacrifice for me and helped me become more committed to him. I started praying and reading the scriptures but it was not until 2017 that my relationship with him really skyrocketed when I prayed to receive more of the Holy Spirit and after that my life became a journey of sanctification. I started hearing the voice of the Lord more clearly and encountered the power of the Holy Spirit in a Fan Into Flame retreat which not only impacted my worship, but also my understanding of my relationship with God. I am happy to say that I am still running the race set before me with endurance fixing my eyes on Jesus the Lord, the founder and perfecter of my faith

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Cecilio Lopez

Originally From: TX

Serving with: Saint Paul's Outreach at Univ of Cent FL

Studied Spanish & sociology minor in English at Tx State Univ         Ministry Donor Link

About: I was raised culturally Catholic my faith was something you did on Christmas and\aster. In High School God touched a deep part of my heart in a retreat called Busqueda. After the retreat I got seriously involved with the ministry. In college, I wanted to continue my faith journey, but I was not able to stay as engaged with my church and faith. Each year I seemed to get further out into the world without knowing it. Then in my last year of undergrad, God put men in my life that would call me to more. Through the men of Saint Paul’s Outreach, I was able to submerge myself in an environment of true masculinity and Christian Brotherhood. For my Senior year of college, I was able to walk with many first-year students and see the Lord work in their lives. Seeing their lives transformed allowed me to consider full-time mission work. The need is great, and I knew with my experience many students would be blessed. Especially those who come from immigrant backgrounds.

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Santonio Hill

Originally From:MD

Serving with: Vagabond Missions in Pittsburg, PA 

Studied Philosophy at Cath Univ of America                 Ministry Donor Link

About: I was raised a cradle Catholic but didn't have a real relationship with God growing. I spent my days chasing the world and investing in my love of football. I was offered a scholarship to play in college but as I considered this move, I was encouraged by a priest to consider the seminary. At first I declined but I felt God spoke to me in a dream encouraging me to reconsider. I went to seminary and discerned out but the experience I was able to truly fall in love with God and make deep change. After seminary I worked for the church as a religion teacher, a FOCUS missionary for 3 yrs and then worked in the Archdiocese of Phil doing urban outreach. This is where I encountered and felt called to Vagabond Ministry